think that requires SPIRIT. IV. I am writing a special topic upon the Sources of Shakespeare's Plays.

I am so excited over all these prospects that I can scarcely sleep.

I try hard not to, but they do pop out when I'm surprised-- Let me see if I can't think of something else pleasant--

to you? It doesn't illuminate me to any extent.

We started to walk to town today, but mercy! how it poured.

jokes about the little things that come up but very satisfying.

climb the hills with me. I am missing you dreadfully, Jervie dear,

So we just ran away and had tea and muffins and marmalade and

Eleven pages--this is a letter! Have courage. I'm going to stop.

Dear Daddy,

`Be careful not to keep your eyes glued to detail,' says History

That is my ultimatum!

the asylum, and I've been doing it all day here. I have honestly.